We have worked on a range of different in the geographic information sphere, including:

compass_logo1The JISC funded COMPASS (Coastal Marine Perception Application for Scientific Scholarship) Project involving the creation of an ontologically driven infrastructure within the marine domain to address issues of discovery, access and use of scientific resources.  Allworlds Geothinking was responsible for project management, technical leadership and systems architecture.



The European Union INSPIRE directive.  Allworlds Geothinking edited the Protected Sites Data Specification for this Europe-wide initiative.  INSPIRE Geoportal


efrabanlogoThe JISC funded SEE-GEO project, involving the creation of elements for the spatial domain in the JISC eFramework infrastructure for education and research.  Allworlds Geothinking was responsible for workshop facilitation and design of a plan for mapping geospatial domain (Open Geospatial Consortium) artefacts to the eFramework infrastructure.

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