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We are a small consultancy specialising in geographic information management, including how people think about geographic information and how they exchange it across organisations and around the world.

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Do you need to understand, map to or comply with INSPIRE?

We can help!  We have been closely involved with the development of the data specifications, and we edited the Protected Sites specification.  Please contact us if you would like more information…

We have created an OWL Application Profile for CSW!ogc-logo

This was done as part of the Compass project and was presented at the Boston OGC Meeting in June 2009.  It involves the creation of an ontology-registry. combining the two approaches to information description in an innovative way.  Please contact us for more or view the draft.

Try Out the Compass Application for Scientific Resource Discovery!

The Compass project is complete and the web application is available for users to try!  It requires a Firefox browser.  Contact us to get involved.  You can also view the demonstration videos (part one and part two).

OWL-S Web Service Ontology for OGC Web Map Services and Web Feature Services

This work has involved the creation of an OWL-S ontology for the generic components of the WMS and WFS specifications, and also ontologies for specific WFSs and WMSs.  It was presented at the OGC Meeting in Boston 22-26 June 2009. 

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